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And then I went to Chicago

6 Oct


After Kerry’s aunt and uncle came to visit, I headed out of town for the week to Chicago for work. Mom decided to come with me since she counts Chicago as one of her favorite cities. She seems to get the better end of the deal- I work all day and she gets to sightsee, shop and do fun things. It is nice to have someone to meet up with for dinner after a long day.

Even though it is work travel, I always try to do some touristy things when I am traveling. I realized that I had never been to the top of the Sear’s Tower (well, now Willis Tower) in my umpteen visits to town. So, we headed there and got some great views. Mom was a little unsure about the whole Sky Deck thing but it was pretty cool. As you can tell, I am still wearing really attractive footwear.


I keep forgetting to get the pictures off her camera. There is a photo of more than just our feet out there.

I guess if you have issues with heights, you probably would not like this view.


The weather was great, the work was exhausting, the food was great and it was fun to explore the city more!

Company Picnic

24 Jul

First things first, ear tubes seem to be working and no complication post surgery. We have a check-up next week to confirm our theory.


This past weekend was the annual ‘picnic’ for my company. I am putting it in quotes because it is far from your usual picnic. It was held at Oatlands Plantation and we had the whole place. There was gourmet ‘picnic’ food, ice cream carts, magicians, performers, bands, mini-golf and a ton of kids activities. Miss H was in heaven.

She liked the spin art.


And, the horses (we had a ride from the parking area to the party).


Plus, there was fun (and sort of randomly placed) bean bags and huge balloons to bounce on.


The only downside was the heat but we all got sun hats to shade us 🙂


All in all, it was a nice way for the company to say ‘thank you.’ And, Kerry reminds me that the federal government would never have anything like this 🙂

Miss H was thoroughly exhausted by the whole thing. Luckily, she had her unicorn (compliments of the party too) to snuggle with.