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Fun at the Washington Auto Show

3 Feb

We had fun at the Washington Auto Show last year, so we decided to would be a good way to spend the first part of Sunday. We got there right as it opened and it was fairly quiet. Miss H announced early on that she only liked red cars. And, she wanted to drive.


We discovered that she has great taste when it comes to cars! She likes expensive and rare.

Kerry found a few cars he liked too.



And, Miss H found a motorcycle that she liked too.


Vroom vroom.


Also, Dora made an appearance too. Miss H was super impressed by this too.


We were all worn out by all the walking and made it home in time for some football.

Start of vacation!

23 Dec

As of yesterday afternoon, neither one of us have any work obligations until 2012 and it is fantastic. It was good timing because Kerry’s dad arrived Wednesday evening from Minnesota. He has never left the state for Christmas so we were excited to have him join us for the holidays.

Miss H warmed up to him fairly quickly but is convinced he lives at the airport. She keeps asking when he is going ‘home to the airport.’ I have tried to explain several times that he lives in Minnesota and that she has actually been to his house but she is not convinced. And, it is pretty funny how she says Minnesota. It is three distinct words, ‘mini soda dad.’ Maybe she is picking up the Minnesota accent?

Both Kerry and I had work obligations on Thursday so Grandpa spent most of the day with Grandmom in Annapolis for some shopping and lunch. He finished all his shopping and he got to eat at one of our favorite places.

Today, we headed downtown to see the Capitol and National Christmas trees. Plus, I had this brilliant idea to stop by the U.S. Botanic Gardens and totally unbeknownst to any of us, they had a great train display that Miss H loved.  There were many trains, several tracks that were low and up high and lots of cool houses and decorations. And, there was even a train wreck that both Kerry and his dad thought was fun to witness. All the trains were okay but the train engineer was having to get a ladder out to get the cargo train back on its tracks.

Miss H thought it was cool to be above the trees on the walkway. Running back and forth was fun too. We are having really mild weather but inside the building was toasty warm.

The Botanic Christmas Tree was the best, followed by the one in front of the Capitol.

The National Christmas tree is not impressive. Actually, it is kind of pathetic. I know the old one was knocked down in a storm this summer (but that one was not grandiose either) but this new one looks really bad. I would think the Ellipse in front of the White House would have its pick of trees?

We found the tree from Minnesota too.

We have been talking about Santa (she is still afraid of the one at the mall) and Miss H is a little stressed about where he is going to park. The roof is off limits- “not allowed up there.” So, logically, he will park in the garage but the fact that one of our cars is usually in there seems to be stressing her out a little. Tomorrow, we will make room for Santa and his vehicle.

She knows Santa is coming on Saturday (and she tells everyone that both ‘Santa and Grandmom are coming on Saturday’) but I am positive she has no idea that tomorrow is Saturday. She has not messed with a single present under the tree yet so hopefully she will be excited to unwrap everything soon!

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!