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26 Feb

June was a big month! First, Miss H graduated from kindergarten. It was so sweet. They did an awesome performance and even became animals. Miss H was very concerned with her outfit coordinating with her animal.

They all did a great job with their singing and speaking parts.

Her school was a fabulous three years! We miss it!

Last day of school.

After graduation, she had her first (and most likely last) ballet performance. She was a butterfly in Snow White. It was really fun! But soccer and tennis and gymnastics and basketball seen to be more exciting than dance.

I should get an award for getting her hair in a nice bun.

We continued a new tradition- amusement park after school gets out! It was very hot but very fun.


Then it was off to summer camp!


May Birthday Fun

31 Jan

Kerry and his dad share a birthday so we decided bringing out Uncle Chris for a visit would be the best present for Grandpa.

They played golf and just enjoyed joking around with each other.

The next weekend, we celebrated Kerry’s birthday with zip lining.

It was so fun!


And the video: