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Learning so much…

30 Oct

Miss H’s school does a fun event for the parents where the kids teach us what they have been learning. Kerry and I both get on the floor (and don’t easily get up) and work on the same things Miss H is doing in school. It is a great way to see all that they are learning and doing.

We have been hearing about the ‘boxes’ since school started and finally got some insight into how it all works. This was the one exercise she decided she was going to do herself. Maybe she thought we would not be so good at it? 🙂

There is a picture on one side of the card, a tray of letters and on the flip side of the card is the word. First, Miss H lines up all the cards and identifies the picture. Then, she tries to sound out and spell the word. Finally, she checks her work by flipping over the card and seeing if she spelled it right.

She did a awesome job!


She was very proud of herself and we were even more impressed with the exercise.

A little heartbreak

20 Oct

10172013-1Miss H started school in June 2012 and on her very first day was another girl the same age. Their birthdays are only 4 days apart and they became fast friends. They ended up in the same class that fall and have been attached ever since. As parents, we are on the same schedule and often see them at drop-off and pick-up. Their teachers have commented about how much they are alike and how well they play together. We have also heard that they sometimes argue like siblings 🙂 Considering they are both only children it is kind of a funny statement.  Whenever we go to a birthday party, these two are together!


They would have been at the same schools through high school so in a really idealistic way, we imagined they would be friends for the long haul. But, we learned a few weeks ago that her parents’ jobs were taking them to Texas. Miss H insisted that we move to Texas too so they could stay in school together. I think we are experiencing the first little heartbreak over a friend leaving.

I know they will both be fine but it is still hard to see the two of them so sad (and it make me sad too!) but maybe with technology and email and eventually things like Facebook, they will continue to be friends.

Tomorrow will almost be like a new day of school without her best friend.

(Miss H is really not that much taller….she is standing on a curb and on her toes!)