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We got to see a kangaroo

19 Jan

And a sloth, and an anteater and some cool little sugar gliders. All in one day. All in Virginia.


We got invited to see some cool animals and Miss H was thrilled.


First it was a sloth. She lives in the house and is pretty cool.


Then we got to meet the kangaroo. She was really good with the kids. How many kids (or adults!) can say they have petted a kangaroo?



Then we got to meet the cool anteater. He is the mischievous one in the bunch and wanted all the attention.


I had no idea they could climb.




Miss H liked the sugar gliders because they climbed on her arm. The anteater tried to climb up her leg but he was on the bigger side.


It was a fun day with some fun animals.

Plus we got to bring two books home by the author and owner of the animals!



Visitors around Halloween

7 Dec

I am woefully behind on blog posts.

Dad and Kathy came to visit in October. They arrived to great weather and we were them out with pumpkin carving, soccer and apple picking. It was a fun visit!

10202014-2It was serious carving business.

10202014-3They were impressed with our house decorations.

10202014-4And impressed with Miss H’s soccer skills.

10202014-1We headed out to Stribling Orchard and it was great fun to pick apples, enjoy the nice weather and have a lunch on the hill after we were finished with bags of apples.



Yeah for visitors!