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Great Labor Day Weekend!

2 Sep

We pretty much stayed busy all weekend long with trips to Ikea, 14th street for more furniture shopping, downtown for a museum visit, meeting up with friends and Kerry got his fill of football. We wrapped up the weekend with soccer practice!

On Saturday, Kerry and Miss H headed to the Container Store for some shelving supplies while I met a friend for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent assembling shelves, eating turkey meatball subs and flipping channels between college football games.

Sunday morning, we got up and headed to Ikea for more house related things. Unfortunately, we did not find what we were looking for. Then, Mom and I headed to 14th street to seek out more house-related things. We founds lots of things we liked!


Monday was deemed a day for no house related things so we decided to take advantage of a quiet DC weekend and head into town. We first headed to the Natural History Museum for the Flight of the Butterflies in 3D at Imax. The movie was great and it was pretty funny to see Miss H (and all the other kids there) trying to reach for the butterflies. It really did feel like they were flying around you.

Just imagine her saying loudly, ‘Whale! Whale.’


We checked out the large shark teeth too.


Miss H remembered there was a carousel so we had to go for a ride. But, first it was time to pose for pictures.


She was tired of posing.


The waiting was agony.


But the rides were fun.



Since we were having such a great time we decided to stop by a new park on the way home.  Jones Point Park has had lots of recent construction so it was new to us. It is pretty cool because it is right under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.


Both kids had fun at the playground.




After burning more energy, it was starting to get really warm so we headed home.


I thought we had a cookout to go to this afternoon but imagine my surprise when we showed up and it was the wrong day. But, our friends were glad to see us (even if it was a day late) and the kids had a blast.


Miss H ended her super busy weekend with soccer. Can you believe summer is over and school starts tomorrow??


Vroom Vroom

24 Feb


02222013-1The big news in our house this weekend was that Kerry finally bought a new vehicle (I can’t call it a car because it is a really nice SUV!). He has been researching for a long time and many, many months ago his doctor recommended a car that was easier to get in and out of. He returned Friday from his business trip and went straight to the dealership. When I got home from work, a shiny new vehicle was in the garage. It is fun to ride in, and Miss H is super impressed with the TV. She thinks when she says, ‘abracadabra,’ the TV magically folds down. She is mesmerized by the whole thing! We should have gotten this months ago because then car rides would have been much more pleasant.

In other weekend news, we took Miss H to get her bangs cut but she insisted on the whole sha-bang. She loved getting her hair washed by the elephant.



That is pure laughter. This is the most excited she has ever been at Cartoon Cuts.

Then, we went to do a little furniture shopping. She loved all the running space in the warehouse. We found nothing worth bringing home besides the pink balloon.


Today, we headed to the Capital Home and Garden Show to check out gardens and decks with Mom.



The highlight for Miss H was the woman dressed as ivy on stilts.


We were bombarded with information on home products but it was fun and we did set a few appointments for yard and deck estimates. If you need any work done on your house, I definitely recommend paying this show a visit.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!