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Pizza Party!

26 Mar

I debated about what to do this year for Miss H’s birthday but finally decided on a ‘Make Your Own Pizza Party’ at Uno’s in Kingstowne. I knew Kerry might be still recovering from surgery so I did not want any kind of activity where we had to chase Miss H around. So, knowing how much she likes to help me cook, I thought she would have a great time making her own pizza. Well, it was a hit and everyone had so much fun!

We ended up having 13 kids and 23 adults for an afternoon pizza party! The staff was great and the mayhem was kept to a minimum. The kids loved being able to add the toppings to their pizza and enjoyed decorating the chef hats.

Aunt Leigh made the gift bags and Treats by Erica provided delicious strawberry and vanilla cupcakes plus chocolate covered marshmallows to take home.I think our adult friends enjoyed the pizza and sweets as much as Miss H’s friends 🙂

Miss H enjoyed the party so much that the first thing she asked on Sunday morning was, ‘Can we have another party today?’

I will post more pictures later today!

A night out with the girls

4 Nov

Last night, I spent the evening at the America Eats Tavern with 40+ alumni from my high school. It was nice to see some familiar faces (like Jessica and Kristyn who I see quite regularly) and meet some of the other alumni. The three of us did get split up among the tables so it forced us to be social with other people 🙂

The restaurant is located near Gallery Place and is where Cafe Atlantico use to be.  One of the owners is a fellow alumnus and was nice enough to have us all for dinner. The restaurant opened July 4th 2011 and plans to stay opened until this coming summer. America Eats focuses on American classics  and some long forgotten dishes, from burgoo to oysters Rockefeller. Some of the recipes even come from the National Archives! We enjoyed the hush puppies, buffalo wings, shrimp and pork jambalya, vermicelli and a delicious key lime pie.

If you want to try out a cool restaurant, go here!