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So I can't get the photos to load

25 Mar

I am not sure why but for some reason I can’t load the photos from this internet connection at the hospital.  But,  hopefully we will be home tomorrow so we can post pictures. 

A few Hadley updates:

-She has a slight case of jaundice.  Currently she has to wear a lighted blanket on her back.  She looks like our personal glow worm.  She is getting better and doctors are not too worried.  In fact they said she would get it since she was a few weeks early.

-Eats every 2 hours like clockwork….and the diapers.  WOW!!!!!  Only the first of many we are sure.  We are well on our way to graduating diaper changing 101.

-Luckily we have a calm baby… far.  We shall see if it continues when we get home.

Thanks to all for the well wishes & we promise to post pics as soon as we are home.

Day 2 with Hadley

24 Mar

Hadley (and the two of us) have had a bunch of visitors during our stay at the hospital and it has been great to introduce her to friends and family. And, as promised we have taken more pictures!