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Hadley does not like my cooking

15 Oct

I love to cook and knew that making baby food would just be part of my weekly routine. Not sure if I made a mistake by offering Hadley the organic jarred version first but my logic was to see what she liked, and then make her favorite foods from scratch. I think this plan has backfired. Last week I made her acorn squash and she was not so keen on it but I chalked it up to her never having had it and maybe the texture was a little strange. This week I steamed fresh organic carrots and pureed them to the same consistency of the Gerber version and she nicely spit them into the sleeve of her onesie. I tried several bites and each time she would lean over and let them fall onto her sleeve. After half the serving of carrots was all over her- I switched to the Gerber version and she ate every last bite. Now, I have 12 servings of carrots that I guess I will keep in the freezer for a few weeks and see if she changes her mind about homemade baby food.


From scratch baby food

29 Sep

Hadley started solid foods (well, not really solid because they are pureed until they do not resemble anything solid) about two weeks ago and besides the little reaction to sweet potatoes, all is well. So far, she like peas, loves carrots and tolerates pears. We will be trying green beans, apples, yogurt and plums in the next round. Basically, she has to eat the same thing for four straight days so we can be sure she is not going to react to it and then we can vary up the menu a little. Not that she minds eating the same thing for every meal because she has basically been doing that for the last six months.

My plan all along has been to make baby food but I decided to buy the organic jars of food first so I could see what she likes and then start making food after that. Since she only eats an ounce of food at a time, I did not want an abundance of food she did not like and I knew if she did not like peas that Kerry was certainly not going to finish them off for me.  I say I will be making it from scratch but really it is just steaming the food and then pureeing in my food processor. No additional ingredients. Nothing complicated.  Best part- the serving are easily stored in ice cube trays (perfect one ounce serving) and we can just pop out and defrost as needed.