Of course we have to do the tourist stuff

30 Aug

While sitting on the beach, getting sun, swimming and building sand castles is great fun- we always have to hit up the touristy things too.


First, we got a great view of the beach from the Myrtle Beach Skywheel and compared it to our other Skywheel ride. Now, Miss H wants to ride all the sky wheels!




We had perfect weather for this adventure.


After spinning around in the sky, we headed to miniature golf. She got a little coaching from Kerry.


Then, Miss H got two hole in ones!


Later in the week, Kerry found Aliigator Adventures and this was our next tourist stop. I was a little skeptical of big reptiles but I have to admit this place was pretty cool. When we first saw a big group of ‘teenage’ alligators basking in the sun, I thought they were fake 🙂


We got to see them being fed (see that huge one jumping up for chicken!).


And, Miss H enjoyed the reptile show and petting the baby.


There were all sorts of different reptiles in varying sizes and colors and overall the place was cool. We all learned a lot about alligators!




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