Vacation time!

25 Aug


Kerry and I are usually really good planners when it comes to trips but several of our plans got derailed this summer due to unexpected events. First, we had to get a new roof. Then, while the roof was being put on the air conditioning died. We knew both these essential house items were going to eventually need replacing, we just did not predict it would be the exact same week. Then, to add onto this, Kerry needed surgery in August. Most of our planning got tossed out the window but we knew we needed to do something to relax this summer.

We debated different trips, and finally decided to head to South Carolina for some beach time. Kerry researched condos and he found this awesome one at the Kingston Plantation near Myrtle Beach. It was only a pool distance away (more on this later) from the beach and we had a great time!

As our departure day was getting closer, we were getting a little concerned about the extended forecast but we ended up with great weather. It rained at night but never put a damper on our beach time.


It was nice to be close to the ocean again.





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