Cousins are here!

1 Apr


Family arrived on Saturday and Miss H is thrilled to hang around her cousins (aunt and uncle too but the cousins are the greatest!). They arrived in the evening on Saturday and the Miss H instantly had two new best friends.

We headed to the zoo on Sunday morning. It was a little chilly but the animals were out and about.


First thing was this orangutan was hanging around.03232014-2


Then we saw the big cat. He just paced around and around.


Miss H immediately spotted the carousel and everyone got a cool ride.


We were on a mission to find the pandas. Luckily, we were successful.


We even got the kids to pose for a fun picture.


The brothers had to catch a little break whenever they could.

03232014-8The greatest way to get around is Miss H’s new scooter.


The flamingos might have been Miss H’s favorite part.


After seeing lots of animals, we headed for a late lunch and then off to see more sites.




We had a great time showing everyone around! It was a fun week with the family!

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