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5th Birthday!

22 Mar


Can you believe it?

Miss H turned five today and had a blast! We got her a bike for her birthday and she rode it around all day.



Her request for her birthday was to go to a farm (not the zoo! she kept telling me she knew the difference), have strawberry cake and go out to dinner at Piero’s Corner. We managed to do all the above

We went to Oxon Hill Farm and took the bike.




Then we had yummy strawberry cake (before dinner).




Then it was off to dinner. Miss H got spoiled by everyone. Grandma got her a scooter. Grandpa got her the Hello Kitty airplane. Plus, Dad and Kathy sent her a princess crown and books from their recent trip to San Antonio.


Snow Patrick’s Day

17 Mar

We started off this March holiday with this.


It was just two days ago that we were dining outside and enjoying weather in the high 60s.


Hopefully the warm weather will return because this winter needs to be over.

In other house happenings, we are doing more work to our backyard. A bunch of buried drains should help dry out the yard. At least, we got some pretty stairs out of the whole thing.


Plus, Miss H is working on her sentences. (Translation: Is egg tumbling. Egg has stripes.)


In other news, someone is turning 5 this week! Wow!