Middle of January

16 Jan

I have been remiss in updating the blog in the last few weeks! I blame freezing cold temperatures, work travel and just a hectic start to 2014. But now I am back.

Dad came to visit last week for a few days. He spent the first part of his trip with Leigh and the second part with us. We had a nice brunch on Saturday as a belated birthday with family and friends.


Miss H modeled her princess dresses for the brunch.





Then, Dad joined us as we took Miss H to ice skating lessons. I think he was impressed with her skills 🙂 And even more impressed with the number of kids taking lessons.

He got a nice footage of skating forwards.

And, backwards. Her teacher tells them to do the twist.

On Sunday, we headed over to Burke Lake to feed the ducks but the only birds that paid attention to us were the seagulls. Miss H thought it was funny when they stole some of her bread.


We had a nice visit and Dad headed back toVermont on Monday.


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