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It is cold.

28 Jan

Seriously, cold. It snowed last week and school was closed every day but Friday.

The house looked nice.


Miss H loved the snow.


And, she even loved shoveling.


Miss S decided it could be a little fun to play in the snow.


Chasing the sled was fun too.


I just want it to melt.

Air and Space

27 Jan

We ventured into town to enjoy part of the day at the National Air and Space Museum. Miss H was pretty fascinated by all the planes. I think she was a little disappointed that she could not climb into them all.

Hey, why is this blocked off?


And why can’t I really steer this thing?


But she found a fun little tunnel to climb into.


We wandered around and enjoyed seeing the exhibits on Mars and space.


We both realized that we are totally spoiled by all the local museums! We can drive downtown, we found great parking, spend a few hours, admission is free, we are all entertained and then we can come back another weekend.