Police Navidad!

29 Dec

Well, that is how Miss H says it. And, no matter how many times we say, ‘it’s feliz…,’ it still comes out police.

We ended last week with her school holiday party. It was much tamer than last year. But, Santa did visit. I guess he called earlier in the week to say he was a maybe because Rudolph had a cold. The kids were thrilled he could make it.


We hosted Christmas at our house (and did a terrible job with photos). The stockings would not fit on the mantle so we used the bannister (and this picture can be a constant reminder that they really need to be replaced). At least all the stocking Aunt Leigh made make it look good.


Christmas morning was so fun because Miss H was really into the whole thing this year. She was thrilled that Santa remembered she want the pink unicorn stretchkin that she had seen in an infomercial 🙂



She got great gifts from everyone and has played with everything! She was spoiled with art supplies, clothes, puzzles, books, games, a camera, and new sress-up clothes. Her outfits this week have alternated between the two princess dresses (while the unicorn wears the other one).




We had a nice day with family and enjoyed all the yummy food. Then, we all woke up on Thursday with various aches, pains, coughs and sore throats. Even the dog was sick. Miss H, me and the dog made a trip to the various doctors and all seem to be on the mend. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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