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Police Navidad!

29 Dec

Well, that is how Miss H says it. And, no matter how many times we say, ‘it’s feliz…,’ it still comes out police.

We ended last week with her school holiday party. It was much tamer than last year. But, Santa did visit. I guess he called earlier in the week to say he was a maybe because Rudolph had a cold. The kids were thrilled he could make it.


We hosted Christmas at our house (and did a terrible job with photos). The stockings would not fit on the mantle so we used the bannister (and this picture can be a constant reminder that they really need to be replaced). At least all the stocking Aunt Leigh made make it look good.


Christmas morning was so fun because Miss H was really into the whole thing this year. She was thrilled that Santa remembered she want the pink unicorn stretchkin that she had seen in an infomercial 🙂



She got great gifts from everyone and has played with everything! She was spoiled with art supplies, clothes, puzzles, books, games, a camera, and new sress-up clothes. Her outfits this week have alternated between the two princess dresses (while the unicorn wears the other one).




We had a nice day with family and enjoyed all the yummy food. Then, we all woke up on Thursday with various aches, pains, coughs and sore throats. Even the dog was sick. Miss H, me and the dog made a trip to the various doctors and all seem to be on the mend. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


Christmas Town

16 Dec


I saw ads a few months ago for Busch Gardens Christmas Town and decided Miss H might have fun at this kind of thing. Well, we all had fun and I had no idea it would be such a huge hit. Also, we had no idea that Christmas would literally take over most of the park.


Dad and Kathy got us a place in Williamsburg for the long weekend and Mom joined us on our adventure. We got down in time on Saturday just as a torrential downpour started. Knowing we could not doing anything outside, we headed to the outlets. We did some damage shopping and managed to stay dry. Miss H decided we should go to a Japanese Steak House for dinner (you know, food as entertainment) and we found a good one close by.


We woke up the next morning to bright sunshine and decided to visit Colonial Williamsburg. Mom treated us to a fun carriage ride. Miss H kept correcting us that it was really a ‘princess carriage.’




It took us around town and was lots of fun.


Miss H also discovered colonial t-ball. (you stepped on a wood board and the ball popped out of the cup).


It was hard to get people to cooperate for pictures.



But there was lots of giggling.


And, we finally found the sheep.


After a yummy lunch at The Cheese Shop that refueled us, we headed back to the ‘vacation house’ to get changed for Christmas Town.


Again, we had no idea what this was going to be like. Busch Gardens went all out with the lights, decorations and music.


First thing we did was ride the gondola. Miss H was thrilled about the whole thing.


We saw penguins.


We road the train.

12152013-5And, were totally unsure about the lady and her dress.


We discovered the Miss H loves rides too. The faster the better! We did the tea cups first.



Then the kids roller coaster.


And, back to the tea cups.

Or click here.

Then she was off to the swirly swings. Twice.


We ventured through the different countries, train stations and finally ended up in the North Pole where it was snowing!



12152013-19At this point, it was dark, we had walked miles and we all had sensory overload! We headed back to the gondola and headed home.

Miss H proclaimed that it was ‘the best day ever!’ right before she fell asleep in the car.

We had some tears as we packed up this morning. I think we have created a new holiday tradition!