Birthday Party Fun (with sugar)!

30 Nov


Miss H has been invited to a lot of really fun parties in the last few years and we attended one at a local candy shop last weekend! Miss H was thrilled there was no chocolate involved. Also, it marked a first for us- I just dropped her off at the event. The party was at Sugar Cube in Old Town and according to Miss H, they played a ‘life size’ version of Candy Land and ‘she was a piece.’ Plus, they did the candy limbo and made catepillars out of gummy lifesavers and licorice.

11162013-4I wandered around Old Town and got some Christmas shopping completed. I got back to the party in time for cake and to hear all about the games. It looked like everyone was having a blast!

Miss H might have eaten more licorice than she used for her crafts.



Miss H has also added this to her list of places for her next birthday party 🙂


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