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Happy Thanksgiving!

30 Nov

We had a great Thanksgiving but somehow forget to take some pictures! We started the day off with the neighborhood Turkey Bowl. Luckily, Kerry did not get hurt this year.


Then it was home for family, food, and fun 🙂 All the food turned out really well and it was nice to catch up with family. I think the highlight for Miss H was the snowflake book that Mom brought her. At first, it took two adults to figure out how to fold the paper but once we got that down, we were making good snowflakes. Miss H is really good with the scissors so she was a pro at cutting out the shapes. We are now decorating the windows of the house with her creations.


Our Thanksgiving traditions includes heading to the mall on Black Friday. We arrived just before 9am and were surprised at the lack of people. Kerry and Miss H joined us and we were even more surprised to see  no line for Santa. Well, the camera equipment was not working but they let us use our phone.

Miss H liked the snow in the ice castle.


But, was not such a fan of Santa at first.


He finally got her interested in talking to him and we got a cute picture.


Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!


Birthday Party Fun (with sugar)!

30 Nov


Miss H has been invited to a lot of really fun parties in the last few years and we attended one at a local candy shop last weekend! Miss H was thrilled there was no chocolate involved. Also, it marked a first for us- I just dropped her off at the event. The party was at Sugar Cube in Old Town and according to Miss H, they played a ‘life size’ version of Candy Land and ‘she was a piece.’ Plus, they did the candy limbo and made catepillars out of gummy lifesavers and licorice.

11162013-4I wandered around Old Town and got some Christmas shopping completed. I got back to the party in time for cake and to hear all about the games. It looked like everyone was having a blast!

Miss H might have eaten more licorice than she used for her crafts.



Miss H has also added this to her list of places for her next birthday party 🙂