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The point in a conversation where it completely goes off the rails

30 Sep

Kerry and I have found great humor in the last year about conversation we have had with Miss H. The things we have learned about her teacher, friends, parents of her friends and just random facts have made us laugh (to ourselves, of course). Often, I have wondered what they have heard about us.

Just last week, Miss H was very intent on becoming a teacher when she grows up. She was curious about what it entailed, reflected on Grandma’s career as a teacher and listed what she liked about the profession. The proud parent in us thought what an intellectually stimulating conversation it was.

Then she affirmed that she would indeed ‘be a teacher when she grew up.’ Long pause. ‘Or a vampire.’

Family Visit!

28 Sep

Kerry’s aunt and uncle (and Grandpa’s brother) came to visit for a few days and we had a great time! Both Kerry and I enjoy playing tour guide in our own city and his aunt and uncle were excited to see al the sites.

The first day we headed to the Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, the new Martin Luther KIng Memorial, the FDR Memorial and finished our downtown loop with the Jefferson Memorial.09202013-6

Then it was time for lunch. We headed up near the National Cathedral and grabbed a great lunch (and re-fueled for more walking).


Can you find Kerry?


We are excited to see that the observation level of the Cathedral was open. It gives such great views of town.

Then we explored some more and we were all thoroughly exhausted by this point. We really lucked out with great weather!

We picked up Miss H from school and then headed to our favorite pizza place. Rich and Rae were impressed with our pizza choice 🙂


Kerry and I have never been to the Pentagon Memorial and since it was on Rich and Rae’s list of sites they wanted to see- we stopped by after dinner. It was really nice.


Saturday morning, we split up for the first part of the day. I headed to soccer with Miss H and Kerry took everyone else to the Old Post Office tower and to the Capitol Visitor’s Center.

We met up at Fort Washington.  Again, we has nice weather and some great views of the Potomac, DC and Mount Vernon.



After all this walking, it was back home for a steak and salmon dinner.

Sunday morning, we took them to Grandpa’s favorite place and they were impressed.




09222013-1We had fun being tour guides! They took off for the rest of their east coast trek and we hope they come back soon.