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County Fair Fun!

17 Aug


fair5We headed to the Montgomery County Fair today and it was fun! We got lucky because the weather is unseasonably cool.

We saw some animals. Very big.


And, small and fluffy.


Plus- sheep, chickens, pigs and goats.


We checked our the fire trucks.


Then it was off to the rides and games.


The dizzy dinosaur was first and then Miss H was hooked.




She was a little disappointed that she was not tall enough for some of the bigger rides. But, the carousel is always a big hit.


She did get her first roller coaster.


And, she liked the four-wheelers.


Then, it was more games.


We seemed to win lots of prizes.


She had an unfair advantage with this game but she beat a bunch of adults so it was okay.


fair1-1This will be on our list next year too!


Slowly Getting Back on Track

17 Aug

In case you were curious, foot surgery is really not that much fun. It has been a little over two weeks and things are starting to improve. I had some complications at first- not being able to walk being the biggest. I then had the pleasure of being put in a hard cast up to my knee. And, then I ended up in the ER with symptoms of a blood clot. Luckily, it was just a chest cold. Then, I finally got out of the hard cast and was having ankle issues. Now, I am finally on a upswing but still in a walking boot/cast thing for 5 more weeks.

Who knew one little bone could cause all sorts of issues? I now have franken-foot.


Kerry has been chief child entertainer, household runner, driver, dog walker, dinner maker and nurse. He has done a great job on all his assignments. Last weekend when things were not so great- he spent time at the park.


Getting lunch.


And, generally running around after Miss H.


While, Miss S and I ddid a lot of sleeping.08072013-2

I had nice visits from Mom, Leigh, Mr. J and co-workers last week. Mr. J got in on all the sleeping too.


We are slowly getting back to our regularly scheduled programming.