More Vacation Fun!

7 Jul

There was a lake-side shopping center not far from us and they had two of Miss H’s favorite vacation things. First, was the fish. Near the docks were some very well fed carp that love popcorn (the marina sells the popcorn and they must make a fortune!). There were 100s (if not 1000s) of them and all the kids were having a blast feeding them.

Or click here.


Her second favorite thing was the arcade. It was raining and we all had fun. We taught Miss H how to play skeeball, drive a car and how to pound on some alligators.


vacation2She got most excited by all the tickets.

vacation3Plus, she became a pro at the ring toss.


vacation5Against all the odds, she won a toy turtle.


The rain did eventually clear out but not before we went on a boat ride.

We had signed up for a cruise of the lake on the Virginia Dare and it was a rain or shine type of thing. It definitely rained but we got some nice views.

Doesn’t Miss H look thrilled about the whole thing?


We posed for some pictures.




And, the lake was pretty with all the clouds.



She was a little happier at the end.


The rest of the week cleared up and we saw some fireworks and spent lots of time on the beach and in the water. More to come tomorrow….

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