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Father’s Day do-over

23 Jun


On Father’s Day, I had the pleasure of getting Miss H’s stomach bug. It started late on Saturday and went through Sunday. It was awful. While I was in bed, Kerry got to go to swimming lessons, the library, the mall for a haircut and time at the play area (a.k.a. the pit of despair), the playground (more on this in a moment) and various other errands. I did not get out of bed until dinnertime. There was no sort of celebration so we had a do-over yesterday. We grilled steaks, corn on the cob and baked potatoes. Everything was delicious and everyone is feeling better 🙂

While I was miserable last Sunday, Kerry and Miss H went to the park and both got stung by bees. Luckily, there was nurse at the playground who had cream and band-aids. Even luckier, no allergic reaction from Miss H. She was very excited to tell me the whole story when she got home. Both of them recovered well 🙂

Mom came to visit yesterday and we all headed to the pool. There is a new waterslide that was a huge hit. It was hard to get Miss H to agree to come home.

Mom brought with her these cool paintings that my grandmother painted sometime in the late 70s. Now, I just need to get them framed.


Today, Kerry was the one not feeling well so it was my turn to run errands. Miss H likes the fountains.


And, Miss S always get this ball stuck on her tooth.