International Night

23 May

Miss H’s school does an annual International Night where all the families get to celebrate the school year. Last week, we were given a large piece of poster board that we were supposed to decorate with information about our heritage. Well, Miss H decided that none of those countries were acceptable because they were not continents. She was determined to be Australia (after correcting Kerry when he suggested Antarctica¬†because you know, ‘that is NOT a country,’) so we decided that was just fine. We could have Australians somewhere along the family tree.


Grandma helped with the kangaroo, Kerry impressed us with his drawing skills and Miss H took an artistic approach to the flag. She was super proud of her work and we later learned that she was not the only one who insisted on ‘country and continent.’

It was fun to see all her school friends and they paraded in together.


Then, they all curtsied on stage for us (she has been practicing this for a week).


Plus, grandma and grandpa got to see her school, meet her teachers and see all her friends.

Then we had a great dinner of yummy international foods.

Little Miss H was exhausted after all this fun.


School will be over next month and then she starts summer camp!


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