Gloomy but fun weekend!

20 May

The weather was calling for rain and gloom for the whole weekend and it pretty much delivered as predicted. We tried to squeeze in a festival the early part of Saturday (the forecast called for rain much later in the day) but it started to rain just as we arrived. But, it was just a drizzle so we toughed it out for an hour. But, then it became a downpour and we decided that was enough.

They had an awesome face painter there. I was shocked Miss H wanted her face covered but she was certain she wanted to be a rainbow cat.


Her and her best friend posed together. (Miss H was almost unrecognizable with the make-up on. It took a little getting use to).


She kept it on for the whole day!

Then on Sunday, it was still gloomy. We headed to swim lessons and Miss H jumped in, dove to the bottom to get a ring and practiced swimming on her back. These lessons have gone much better than lessons in the past.

Miss H liked my dog shirt so much that she found her own so we could match 🙂


Kerry and I love that Miss H loves to read and her new favorite thing is to be the teacher. We had to ‘pay attention’ and ‘listen’ as she went through the book. She did a great job of showing us the pictures too!



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