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Mother’s Day Weekend

11 May

I got my super nice totally unexpected Mother’s Day gift earlier this week when Verizon accidentally activated my brand new iPhone and thus making my current iPhone inoperable. A very confused Verizon customer service rep thought I was truly clueless when I explained there was no iPhone 5 on my account, I just wanted my iPhone 4 to make calls.


We decided to head to Shlagel Farms today to meet up with Mom, Leigh and Chip to pick strawberries and it was perfect timing. The weather was a little overcast but no rain spoiled our trip. We got lots of berries and even ran into some friends.


Miss H remembered the swing set from last year and was quick to meet a friend to join her on the double swing. They got it really high!




05132013-4Then, it was off to the dog wash. Miss S really needed a bath and we decided it was better to let her soak some place that was not one of our bathrooms. She was not a big fan of the whole experience but the rest of us had fun. And, she smells a lot better now.


Speaking of Miss S- she does not like the vacuum.

But she does like empty plastic bottles.

After all this excitement, we decided to head to a Japanese Steakhouse not far from our house. Miss H loves ‘food as entertainment’ and Kerry’s dad had never experienced the fire, the volcano or the flying shrimp. Everyone was full and happy. And, Miss H did a pretty good job with the ‘chompsticks.’


Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!