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Memorial Day Weekend 2013

27 May


We had a great long weekend! The weather was a little chillier and windier than expected but it was not raining so we enjoyed lots of time outside. We started Saturday off by heading to dog training. Miss H is getting a lot bigger and she is starting to grow into her ears.


After class, we decided to spend the afternoon at the Delaplane Strawberry Festival at Sky Meadows State Park. It was super windy at times but we all had a great time (even Miss S was allowed in the festival).


Miss H and I took the hayride through the park and learned a little history about the area. The park ranger asked if anyone knew who the first president was (this had been his land) and Miss H was the first to raise her hand. I was impressed when she named him without any coaching 🙂


They had a small petting zoo, great food, lots of games and activities and these cool hay bale tunnels.


Plus, the views were really nice.


On Sunday, Miss H and I headed to Annapolis to see Mom. Mom spoiled Miss H with a load of new clothes and we got to check out the new fish tanks at the mall.


Pizza and fish tanks was a perfect lunch.


Also, Mom painted this great picture of Miss H from when we were at the beach last summer. I need to get it framed so we can hang it up.


We joined our community pool and they had a cookout on Sunday evening for everyone. It was nice to meet some more of our neighbors! Miss H really wanted to get in the pool but the water was freezing. It did not stop some of the kids from diving right in. Of course, they were trying to convince their parents they were not cold as their lips turned blue and their teeth chattered 🙂

Today, we enjoyed the afternoon cooking out and hanging out with friends. The kids played in the sand box, painted, ran around and generally wore themselves out. The rest of us are tired too.

Hope you had a great weekend! A special thanks to all who have served!


International Night

23 May

Miss H’s school does an annual International Night where all the families get to celebrate the school year. Last week, we were given a large piece of poster board that we were supposed to decorate with information about our heritage. Well, Miss H decided that none of those countries were acceptable because they were not continents. She was determined to be Australia (after correcting Kerry when he suggested Antarctica because you know, ‘that is NOT a country,’) so we decided that was just fine. We could have Australians somewhere along the family tree.


Grandma helped with the kangaroo, Kerry impressed us with his drawing skills and Miss H took an artistic approach to the flag. She was super proud of her work and we later learned that she was not the only one who insisted on ‘country and continent.’

It was fun to see all her school friends and they paraded in together.


Then, they all curtsied on stage for us (she has been practicing this for a week).


Plus, grandma and grandpa got to see her school, meet her teachers and see all her friends.

Then we had a great dinner of yummy international foods.

Little Miss H was exhausted after all this fun.


School will be over next month and then she starts summer camp!