Baby Shower for Aunt Leigh

28 Apr


We hosted a baby shower for Aunt Leigh this weekend and it was fun times for everyone. Again, I totally failed in the picture department but I was busy setting up, hosting and enjoying all the company.



Aunt Leigh with her sister and sister-in-laws.


Miss H helping with the presents.


More food.


Dad and Kathy stopped by here en route to South Dakota (not the most direct route but it was all for a good cause) and we got to spend time with them this weekend too. Plus, Buddy and Miss S got to meet and play in the backyard. Buddy is going to be in for a shock the next time he comes to visit and Miss S is much bigger.


Mom came prepared to the shower with gifts for Miss H 🙂 The highlight was the new paint set and after the festivities were over, she made many paintings on the front walk. It was a great lesson in mixing colors and what colors you can make with only a few of the basics.


Today, we went to see Aunt Leigh (and Uncle Chip’s) new house this weekend. Miss H loved throwing the ball off the deck and kicking it around their big yard.



All in all, a great weekend for a baby shower, family, friends and fun!


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