Glorious Spring

8 Apr


Glorious spring has finally arrived! And it is fantastic. We spent a lot of time outside this weekend and enjoyed every minute.


Miss S is loving being in the backyard- chasing balls, eating rocks and generally exploring her new surroundings.


Miss H had a friend over for a playdate on Saturday and the kids enjoyed the dog, the sand table and being outside. Nobody wanted to go home from the fun but I made Miss H feel better by planting flwoers in the pots on the front steps.


Then, Kerry’s cousin Kara came to visit and we spent time at Mount Vernon. Miss H checked out the animals and I am sure there is a sign somewhere that says, ‘no standing on the fence.’


Plus, she demoed her yoga skills on the back porch.



04072013-6Again, the weather was perfect.



We had a great time catching up with Kara (and Kara loved playing with Miss H and the puppy). I think everyone was sad to see her go this morning.

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