Preparing for Puppy

28 Mar

Our new German Shephard puppy arrives tomorrow (well, Kerry is driving to Pennsylvania to pick her up) and we *think* we know what we are getting into. She is 9 weeks old and is going to need a lot of time, work and attention!  Miss H is very excited about the addition to the family. After deciding that Harry Rainbow was not a great name for a girl dog, we did pick an appropriate girl name and I guess we will just refer to her as Miss S on here. The discussion of the name ‘Harry’ did trigger my fond memories of the Harry the Dog books and now Miss H is enjoying them too.

We have loaded up on dog supplies, researched training classes and Kerry has even gotten into a series of books about the New Skete monks who train and raise German Shepherds.

This picture is from a few weeks ago so here is your sneak peak:



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