Happy 4th Birthday!

22 Mar

Can you believe it?!?


Miss H turned 4 years old today and it was super fun for all of us. She has been counting down the days all week until her birthday and she was thrilled that it was finally here. Plus, Mom and Dad got to go to school with her.


All her friends wished her a happy birthday and she got a crown. Plus, she got to pass out the ice cream and be the center of attention for the birthday song.

Or here.

Then, I got to show all her classmates baby photos of her and talk about how she was born in DC, how much she weighed, how she wore a pink hat and slept a lot. All the kids were adorable talking about how they did all those things too 🙂


After school, Miss H got to see all her presents from us, Grandpa and Grandad and Nana (plus Buddy). Her new sand and water table was very exciting. Too bad it was not warm out to go play with everything. I think the water would have iced over. And, she got golf clubs and some books from us. Grandpa spoiled her with some cute clothes, Connect Four and a big story book. Granddad and Nana got her Lite Bright and a bunch of accessories for the Lite Brite.




Of course, no birthday would be complete without cake.


She practiced blowing out the candles for her big party tomorrow.


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