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The Snowquester

6 Mar

Definitely did not live up to all the hype but we had fun anyway!


I was actually shocked to see snow on the ground when I woke up. Schools were closed, the government was closed but my office was open so I tried to get some work done today. Miss H had other plans. Shoveling, sledding and snowman making were on the top of her list and we accomplished all three. But first, we had to bundle up in all our winter clothes. She was not a huge fan of all the ‘heavy’ stuff.


The snowman was a huge hit. I had to raid the fridge for some facial features. Miss H was disappointed we had no carrot nose for the chubby little snowman but thought the strawberry might make the bunny happy.


Then we cleared the driveway.


And, did a little sledding.


By this point, the snow was turning to rain and we were all getting a little drenched. Grandpa thought he was going to get a Minnesota storm but instead he experienced the drama of a DC storm!

Hope everyone stayed warm today!