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Where have we been?

30 Jan

Trust me, it has not been anything glamorous. We have all been infected with the flu! We did get our flu shots but we are part of the lucky crowd who are still getting sick.

Last week, I got a terrible cough that turned into major congestion, body aches and a general feeling of crud. I made two separate trips to the doctor and got an array of medication but nothing seemed to be helping. I stayed home from work for three days and basically slept the whole time. I can’t remember the last time I was that sick.

Then, it was Miss H’s turn to get sick. We both thought she just had a cold because her symptoms were not mimicking mine. Her nose was running and she was a little congested but it did not seem to be impacting her that much. Then she started complaining about her ear hurting. I took her to the pediatrician and the doctor was in the room 5 seconds and said, ‘she has the flu.’ I did not think it was possible but they did the nose swab and she did indeed have H1N1. The doctor went on to tell us that we were not the only parents surprised with a flu diagnosis. She had seen patient after patient that day that looked like they just had a typical cold but it was really the flu. I guess that is how this stuff is spreading so quickly!

Now, the bad news is that I had a different strain of the flu so I keep waiting to get yet another round of illness. Maybe my shot will protect me from that one? The other bad news was no school for the whole week. Now, Kerry is starting to feel the symptoms. I am hoping we are all better by the weekend because we have been stuck in this house for far too long.

So, we have been busy getting better but we have also spent time watching TV.


And, playing games.


Spelling out words with games.


And, drawing family pictures.


I hope everyone avoids this flu! Stay well.