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High Energy Burn

5 Jan


Miss H started gymnastics this morning and they burned some serious energy. This is her first gymnastics class where I have to stay in the waiting room. It is hard to get decent pictures through the glass but it was fun to watch. She was an excellent listener and participant today! I think she enjoyed watching the ‘big girls’ do back flips, swing on the uneven bars and climb ropes up to the very high ceiling. I was impressed too.

They stretched, did somersaults, walked on the balance beam and did a lot of bouncing on the trampolines and the trampoline track. She had a great time and spent a lot of time yawning this afternoon.


Another mom and I laughed, as we watched them jump on the trampoline track and try to bring their knees to their chest. It made both of our stomach muscles hurt. She is super excited to go back next weekend. Yeah for some high energy burn time to start the weekend!