PSA of the Day

2 Jan

Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in your house, especially if you have a fireplace and/or gas appliances.

On Sunday afternoon we started a fire in our downstairs fireplace. We watched football and stayed warm. The fire died out by the time the games were over and then we all went to bed. Around 1am, the house alarm starts going off like crazy and the all our phones start ringing with the security system calling. The security system is telling us (well, more like yelling loudly) that there is a carbon monoxide detection and the guy on the phone is telling us that the fire department has been called. Kerry and I were both dazed and confused at all the commotion and were convinced the alarm system was malfunctioning.

The fire department arrived super quickly and start walking around the house with this detector thing and they started getting above normal CO levels all over the house. They opened windows, asked us how we were feeling, joked around with Miss H and turned off the heat. They could not have been nicer but it was scary to see the meter getting CO readings all over the house! They stayed for almost an hour to make sure we were okay and to see what would happen when they closed everything back up.

The official diagnosis was what little was left of the fire was being pushed back into the house due to the strong winds and being circulated through the heating system. Since we have new windows and lots of insulation there was no where for it to get out. I have always been paranoid about CO and this definitely scared all of us a little.

On a positive note, Miss H was thrilled to have the firefighters in the house. She told them all about how she learned at school that you are not supposed to hide from them. Glad to know that lesson sunk in.

So, PSA of the day. Make sure you have a CO detector!

2 Responses to “PSA of the Day”

  1. Zoe's Mom January 2, 2013 at 12:30 pm #

    Wow – so glad everything was ok! Good advice for us all!

  2. Dr. Blondie January 2, 2013 at 7:38 pm #

    So glad you all are okay! That’s very scary. I have another friend who had a frightening incident like this a couple of years ago. Their CO detector was unplugged or didn’t have batteries or something, but both she and her husband started feeling really nauseated. Thankfully, they figured out what it was before they went to bed that night and it was too late. Thankful that you all have a good alarm system that alerted you to the problem!

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