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Cousins (and a birthday party)!

30 Dec

In post-Christmas activities, we have been busy! The 26th started off with a tiny bit of snow but Miss H wanted to make sure her new shovel was fully functioning as she prepares for a lot of snow this winter. I think she is the only person in the house wanting it to snow and snow and snow. She has a sled that she is anxious to use too.


My cousin David and his family are in the process of moving to Boston and we got to see them as they made their drive north. The kids had a great time together and the hair color of all three is a perfect match 🙂


We hope the rest of their trip is easy and that starting new jobs and new schools goes really well!


Then, Miss H’s friend from school had a fun birthday party at Mobu in Falls Church. It was so fun! And, a great way to spend a windy and cold afternoon.



Miss H was impressed with all the games- plus the parachute is always her favorite. To add to the excitement, they finished off the party with cheese pizza and a princess cake.

And presenting, our future basketball player.


Hope everyone had a great weekend! And, happy almost New Year.

Merry Christmas to All!

25 Dec


Miss H has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Santa for weeks! Last night, we put out special cookies for Santa and all the reindeer and she collapsed pretty quickly.

This morning, I thought she was going to fall back asleep but then suddenly it clicked that Santa had finally been to visit. She was so excited to see what he had left and each item she saw was more exciting than the previous. Popcorn! A jump rope! A yo-yo!! Princess books!!! Swiper (from Dora)!!!


Leigh and Chip arrived just as she was getting into all her Santa things. Mom, Grandpa, Kerry and I all loved her excitement. Then, she got to unwrap the dollhouse. Then, we quickly had to find the people and all the furniture that were wrapped in separate boxes. I am hoping Leigh got better pictures than me of all the activity.  We all dutifully played different characters in the dollhouse today and learned a thing or two about Miss H’s view of domestic life. Daddy sleeps on the couch but will later watch the kids so Mommy can go out. And, babies should not be in bathtubs alone. Oh, and only Mommy goes in the kitchen.

We were all spoiled for Christmas! Grandpa was excited about his new Kindle. They look very serious checking it out.


George and Jan joined us for Christmas lunch and we enjoyed turkey, ham and a bunch of yummy sides. Kerry was most excited about the cheesecake for dessert.

Mom and Jan taught Miss H how to play dominoes and she even beat them! They were taking the playing very seriously.


Look at that serious domino playing face 🙂


We are all exhausted and looking forward to a well needed sleep tonight. We hope you all had a wonderful day with your family and friends! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.