The Four of Us

21 Nov

I realized over the weekend that I had not updated about Kerry’s dad moving in with us last month. He has officially become a Virginia resident and all is going well. He is learning his way around and trying to find some activities to keep him busy during the week. Miss H is thrilled to have Grandpa around and it is fun to see them together. And, he is getting use to the noise level in the house 🙂

We have been in our new house for three months now and we have managed to get a lot accomplished. The list includes new insulation, new washer and dryer, trees removed, chimney fixed, yard work started, new furniture, painting and closets improved.In a few weeks, we will add a new door, storm door and side window too.

We are super happy with our house and neighborhood. Tomorrow, will be our first participation in the neighborhood Turkey Bowl. Photos will definitely be posted as the kids battle the adults. Also, we are hosting Thanksgiving and will enjoy having Mom, George and Jan at the house.
Hope everyone has safe travels!



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