Pre-Thanksgiving Visit

21 Nov

Dad and Kathy arrived on Thursday night after having dinner with Aunt Leigh. Miss H was happy to see them both but was very concerned why Buddy (the dog) had not made the trip. Buddy was safely back in Vermont at dog camp so Miss H decided that maybe he could not fly because there was no where for him to use the bathroom. Love three year old logic.

Friday afternoon we took them to Miss H’s favorite park and favorite store (aka Trader Joe’s). The weather was great so it was nice to spend time outside. Saturday, we headed to Burke Lake Park and showed them around the playground and lake.

Miss H even semi-cooperated with a picture.

We got lots of fresh air, enjoyed the nice weather and then headed to lunch at Dad’s favorite place (aka Chipotle). I think everyone besides Miss H was ready for a nap 🙂
Miss H and I headed to a friends birthday party and when we returned home we had a nice dinner waiting for us. Dad and Kathy took off early Sunday morning but will be back at the beginning of January for Dad’s birthday. We all had a fun time!

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