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Happy Thanksgiving! (a few days late….)

27 Nov

I am a few days late in posting my happy Thanksgiving wishes to everyone! Hope you all had a great day and great food with family and friends.

We started off the day with a friendly neighborhood football game. It is the adults against the kids and it did get pretty competitive. Miss H and I hung out on the sidelines while Kerry took to the field. The adults won this year and everyone had a great time. Kerry managed to ‘tweak’ his knee but he is no longer limping around.

We had a great meal with Ron, Mom, George and Jan. We made everyone’s favorite side dishes and even with all the options, Miss H opted for cereal. We all lined up for a group photo but the only person who seems to be consistently smiling with their eyes open in Miss H. We will have to try again next year.

Mom and I hit the Black Friday sales and we must of hit the mid-morning lull because things were not so crazy. We were home in time for a lunch of leftovers. Kerry got the lights onto the house and Miss H loves all the colors. Kerry loves that they are controlled by remote.

The rest of the weekend was filled with play dates and holiday decorating! And, we have added Elf of the Shelf.

Three School Updates

21 Nov

Miss H started at her new school in June with the summer camp and then started in her Montessori classroom in early September. In the very beginning, we were told how well she was doing and Miss H still constantly talks about everything they are working on. We have had fun going through her monthly stacks of work and we have seen her learn so much the last three months. She recognizes letters (and says there sounds) as we drive around town or are out places. She recognizes words and her vocabulary has exploded. Her teacher approached us about moving her into the pre-K class and we decided to give it a try. She would be with the same group in the morning hours and then after lunch would spend an additional few hours working with her current teacher and one of the other teachers. She would get more focus on reading and writing in the afternoon so Kerry and I decided that her teacher knew what was best and on she went to be with the older kids.

For Miss H, the real excitement of her new class is bringing a lunch box to school 🙂 For me, packing a lunch has been a new experience- let me know if you have any great suggestions that do not involve peanut butter, chocolate or nuts.

I am still taking courses this semester and in a weird twist of requirement changes that actually worked in my favor, I will be finished this semester! I can’t say squeezing in two classes for four semesters has been the easiest of things so I am glad to be finishing up before I thought I was going to be finished. I will have a new graduate diploma to add to my undergraduate degree by January.

Kerry completed his year worth of courses that his work enrolled him in and even had a graduation ceremony a few weeks ago. I think he is going to miss being away from the office for a week each month but he is also excited he is finished with the school work.

So, we are all a bunch of overachievers! Yeah for school!