Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

I got a call from school today that Miss H was not feeling well so we made a stop at the doctor on the way home. Poor thing has a double ear infection, upper respiratory infection and pink eye. All she kept saying was that she ‘had stuff in her eye.’

She has been talking all week about not going out into the neighborhood but staying home to pass out the candy. Well, on the way home she wanted no part of the holiday.

We got home to see the pumpkins all lit up and kids already roaming the neighborhood so she suddenly felt better.

She got her ladybug costume on and added the bandit mask from school, the rain boots and the gloves as accessories. Kerry was calling her ladybug batman.

Off we went to just go to ‘three houses.’ Well, Miss H liked the whole trick or treat routine so much that we went to at least 25 houses and she has a bag full of candy. She expressed her distaste for chocolate at every house so she did get a good selection of stickers, skittles, twizzlers and some other non-chocolate treats. Plus, our neighbors give out the full size ones!

When we were trying to keep Miss H entertained during the storm, we carved pumpkins in the kitchen. She wanted a happy pumpkin and a cat pumpkin. I got assigned the cat.

Kerry and Miss H tackled the happy one.

Not so bad in the end.

Miss H doing her best ‘ghost’ face.

Hope everyone had a great halloween!


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