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The weather is rolling in….

28 Oct

Here is the pier from the wedding we were at this summer. It was a much nicer day when we were there!

The weather is slowly rolling in and we are as ready as can be. Kerry’s dad is thrilled that he moved here just in time to get the best storm ever 🙂


Trip to Cox Farms

28 Oct

We took advantage of the great weather and Aunt Leigh being off work this week to take a trip out to Cox Farms. I prefer to go during the week because weekends are a madhouse. Also, I have discovered going around 2pm means the school trips have cleared out too. I guess other kids take naps because the place emptied out for us.

We went last year and Miss H remembered the slides.

Of course the biggest one was her favorite and she has to go in a lane all to herself.

I am at the bottom of the picture.

Then Aunt Leigh went with her several times.

I got a video too.

She tried out the smaller slides.

And, then saw some other kids riding backwards so she had to try that too.

After the big goats at the ice cream filled with goat snacks, she found one that was more manageable. Also, she wanted to bring him home.

Another fun year at Cox Farms!

And, now we wait for Hurricane Sandy….