A Busy Family Weekend

21 Oct

We had a super busy weekend that included lots of family. Kerry’s cousins take a trip together every fall and this year, the destination was DC. We had a great time catching up with them on Friday night and they got to see Kerry’s dad and brother arrive early on Saturday morning.

We made sure to get a group picture sine they had not all been together in 13 years.

And, now in age order.

After the girls took off, Miss H and I got our flu shots. I thought I was being the nice mom and getting her the nasal version while I got the shot. I don’t have the option of the mist but this was all lost on Miss H who saw me getting a shot as some sort of advantage. ‘I want a shot. Why did you get a shot? Why can’t I have a shot? I don’t want the nose stuff, I want the shot!’ The nurse just laughed and joked that she always hears strange things at the office.

After the shot drama had settled down, we were back home and ready to head downtown. Uncle Chris was on a mission to get extra credit for Cole’s class by taking pictures with Uncle Sam in front of famous landmarks. I am sure not many kids in his class were going to have the collection we put together.

Miss H thought it was fun to spin around and around on the Mall.

We headed over to the White House too. Miss H was more impressed with the leaves that were falling than the house in the background.

Since Chris and Ron had their fill of eating out as they made their way from Minnesota, we opted for Kerry’s delicious tacos. Everyone was happy for a home-cooked meal.

Today, Mom, George and Jan came over for yummy chili and welcomed Ron to his new digs. It was great to catch up with everyone this weekend!

Miss H was exhausted from the whole weekend and very upset that everyone was not staying. I am not sure where she thought an additional seven people were going to sleep but to her, it sounded like a good time 🙂

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