Fun in the Neighborhood

13 Oct

We started off our weekend a little early and decided to head to the Burke Pumpkin Playground on Thursday night. Usually, on the weekends, it is super crowded but going on a weekday night was so not crowded. Miss H had a great time running around, going down the slides and enjoying all the activities. There were a few other kids there but it was not the normal mayhem of the weekends.

I even had to go on the slides.

I ended up going down many times.

But it was fun and we all enjoyed ourselves (the weather was perfect too!) It is fun to look at the pictures from when we went two years ago!

We decided to try a pizza place we have driven past many times and it was great! Piero’s Corner is only a few miles up the road and we will definitely be going back. Miss H and I enjoyed pizza, Kerry had pasta and we all enjoyed the orange sorbet. Especially, Miss H.

Today was the open house day for all the local fire stations so we headed up the street to check out what ours had going on. Miss H got a bag of goodies, got to check out the trucks and they even had an area set up to use the water hose. She was a pro.

The rest of the day was spent going to gymnastics and meeting friends for a playdate. We are all exhausted 🙂

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