Long Holiday Weekend

8 Oct

We started off the long weekend with the parade through the neighborhood! Miss H kept wondering why they did not come back on Saturday night or Sunday night. She does not seem to believe us that we have to wait until next year for the parade to come back through.

Saturday was a busy day filled with bagels for breakfast, a trip to the library, a haircut, gymnastics and many other errands. Plus, we Kerry made significant progress on the garage organization. So much organization that we can actually get the car in there. We now have hanging shelves, bikes on racks, storage containers, more shelves and it looks great.

Mom came to visit on Sunday and took Miss H shopping for ‘dresses with pockets.’ These pockets are necessary for collecting acorns, flowers, rocks and any other item of interest. Luckily, we were successful. After we came back from shopping, we enjoyed some awesome chili that Kerry put together. With this chilly weather, it was perfect.

Today, even though it was a little cold and damp. Miss H and I met up with friends at the Hidden Pond Nature Center. There is a nice playground at the park and then we enjoyed the walk around the pond. Miss H was skeptical that it was actually a pond because of the significant amount of algae. The kiddos decided it was ‘fuzz.’ We were the only ones in the nature center and both kids were thrilled when they got to pet the snake. The picture is a little shaky because I did not want to be near that animal 🙂

Also, I am in the process of re-painting a table my grandfather made. This is not an easy task when someone wants to help. I got two coats of chalk paint on it today and two rounds of sanding completed. More to come.

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