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Trip to Vermont

2 Oct

Dad and Kathy recently moved from South Dakota to Vermont so we decided to take a long weekend to go check out their new home. Kerry and I were both a little worried about the flight and Miss H but since it is only a one hour flight from here to Burlington, we decided to give it a try. Aunt Leigh gave Miss H this wheelie suitcase (affectionately known as ‘Trunki) and it was essential for our travel. Miss H scooted through both airports  and made lots of fellow passengers smile. They should make these in adult sizes 🙂

Our flight to Vermont left on time and arrived on time. Dad met us at the airport and we decided to stop at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill on the way to their house. We had a delicious lunch (awesome BLT for me) and toured the mill. Dad bought a dozen on the apple cider doughnuts and they were yummy! We got to see cider being pressed and generally enjoyed the tour.

Miss H became fast friends with Buddy (the dog). It only took a few throws of the tennis ball for him to realize he had a playmate for the weekend. It rained pretty much the entire time we were in Vermont but this did not deter either Miss H or Buddy from throwing and chasing the tennis ball.

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Also, Miss H enjoyed running to the mailbox and back.

Since we were in Vermont, we had to do the Ben & Jerry’s tour. We learned that this is the biggest tourist attraction in Vermont. And, their ice cream tastes just as good in 50 degree weather.

Miss H was a big fan of the Grandad’s ‘big red truck.’

After our tour (and dessert), we headed to Prohibition Pig for lunch. Neil joined us for this delicious lunch (and more bacon for me). We were all impressed with our lunch choices and it was nice to catch up with Neil. Luckily, we missed the biggest downpour of the day as we ate lunch.

The rain was not stopping so we decided  to head back to Dad and Kathy’s house because our other touring spots were outdoor locations. Kerry was excited to watch football and Miss H just wanted to get back to playing with the dog.

Monday, we headed into Burlington to see the aquarium and science center but before we ventured inside, we decided to get sandwiches at this little market. And, again we had a great lunch! We headed into the aquarium and Miss H had fun with the sea stars.

Then we moved onto the boats.

And, Kerry almost got stuck in an aquarium.

We saw some cool fish and turtles too.

Dad and Kathy showed us the local beach and campground where they spent most of their summer. Miss H (and Kerry and Grandad) had fun on the playground.

We did get some pictures on the beach (and the weather was not improving).

It was time for us to head to the airport and we were dismayed to find out after we got through security that the airport has place to eat and our flight was late. Kerry and I used all our usual tricks to try and entertain Miss H. Luckily, there was another family near us who had a 4 year old and they became fast friends (complete with hugs at the baggage claim in DC). We finally boarded our plane and off to home we went.

We had a great trip and looking forward to seeing Dad and Kathy soon!