The most important day of the week

28 Sep


Friday is ‘Show and Tell’ day at school. Miss H talks about it all week and this week, she insisted it was okay to bring two books to school on Wednesday for ‘show and tell.’  This morning, she debated about what to bring and finally settled on some seashells from our recent vacation (plus a sea star from our wedding). She counted out shells and put them in her bag and gave me the rundown in the car about what she was going to tell her classmates. There was mention of Grandpa and Grandmom, the ‘vacation house,’ the beach and waves plus the ‘sand mountain.’ I think she spent the entire drive to school talking about the shells and the various things we had done on at the beach.

Kerry and I both did our volunteer time at school this week by helping with the morning drop-off line. Our duties were fairly simple- just help the kids out of the car. This morning, I got to see all the ‘show and tell’ items and everyone was as excited about it as Miss H. All the classrooms have baskets outside on Friday to store the items and I got a preview of the books, flowers, puzzles, necklaces, a ‘snow globe from Boston’ and even a bag of tamarinds.

We are so happy that Miss H loves her little school and is so enthusiastic about going in the morning! Hope everyone enjoys their Fridays as much as the kids at school 🙂

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