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16 Sep


Our dead tree removal process started this weekend. Kerry and I were under the false assumption that they could get everything taken care of in one day. Well, they did not even finish the front yard on Saturday so they will be back tomorrow and probably some more this week. They started out taking down a tree that was almost falling over and cleared out a huge pile of brush and many small trees.

It started out like this.

Then the first tree came down.

Kerry and Miss H had front row seats.

Then more stuff was cleared out.

They got smart and got some chairs.

Then one of the ‘tree guys,’ scaled the tree with a chainsaw swinging from his belt. It was all very fascinating.

Eight hours later, things were cleared out and their was a nice pine smell in the air. Tyson’s Tree was great and we will be seeing them more this week.

Miss H decorated the sidewalk for the football game. Unfortunately, the game did not turn out well.

In other weekend entertainment, Miss H started her gymnastics class on Saturday. Miss H enjoyed herself but after this session is over, we will be switching back to the other gymnastics place. This class she is in now should be labeled something else because it is definitely not like the last two gymnastics classes we have taken that had actual equipment 🙂 But, it will be fun for a few weeks!