I was a slacker in the photo-taking department

9 Sep

We had a busy weekend and I did not take a single photo. We made yet another trip to Ikea, went to a birthday party, went to our neighborhood annual fall party and finished off the weekend with the arts festival in Alexandria.

We started off Saturday morning with a return trip to Ikea. We purchased these great shelves last weekend and decided we needed another one for our office. While our new house is great, it does lack the huge closets we had before. The house has been completely renovated but the closets are still stuck in their original 1966 size. The new shelves will help manage some of my clothes πŸ™‚

Speaking of closets, we have gotten creative with our linen closet and maximized the space- even the slanted space above the stairs.

Miss H was thrilled by another trip to Ikea but was even more excited for the birthday party. She had fun running around with her friends and they served quesadillas and cake (that was not chocolate) so it was an A+ day for her. We came home to get ready for our neighborhood party and were shocked when we suddenly had a tornado warning. The storm came through quickly, the power went out for a few minutes, no trees fell down and then it was all over.

We picked the perfect time to move in because the neighbors have a big party twice a year and it happened to fall this weekend too. It was nice to meet everyone and to hear about the tumultuous last few years of our place. But, everyone is thrilled we have moved in so we felt very welcomed. Miss H had a blast running around with the kids and playing tether ball. We met a bunch of potential babysitters too πŸ™‚

The weather was great today and it was a perfect trip with Mom to the Arts Festival in Alexandria. Miss H was a little disappointed that she could not touch all the cool art pieces but she did have fun in Old Town. She spotted a giant lion painting that she wanted us to bring home but it definitely would not have fit in the car or the house! We ended our Sunday adventure with a late, and delicious, lunch at Faccia Luna and then headed home.

Miss H started talking about going back to school today so we are taking that as a sign that she likes it! So, we are all ready to head back to our weekday routine tomorrow.

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