The Start of Classes

28 Aug

Next Tuesday, Miss H will officially start preschool classes. We eased her into the whole school thing by enrolling in the summer camp at her new school. Her summer has been filled with art projects, swimming, moon bounces, music class, pony rides and yoga and now school will actually be mixed in with all those activities. Not to say she has not learned things this summer, it will just be more structured starting next week. When we pick her up in the afternoon, we get a run down of all the things she did that day. There have been times when Kerry and I were both a little jealous of the preschool camp activities 🙂 Included in that run down are her friend’s names, followed by who their new teacher will be. Miss H is very excited about her new class and it is nice to know that her two BFFs from the summer will be joining her in her new classroom. Next Tuesday, Kerry and I get to spend the morning at school as well. It should be fun family time!

And, it was confirmed a few weeks ago that we made the right choice in schools because we actually got off the waiting list of the school we had originally picked as number one. I did not even debate turning down the slot. We love her new school and the faculty have been so great this summer that we are looking forward to the school year ahead.

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