Still Unpacking

27 Aug

We have made serious progress (like, we can finally see our dining room table and the boxes are out of the kitchen) but we still have a long way to go. Plus, we have made several trips to Home Depot, Target and Beth, Bath and Beyond for little things that we need (that end up costing way more than planned). But, we still love our house.

I know that Miss H cannot read but we have had two instances lately that she has correctly shouted out the words on a sign and there have been no pictures or anything to support what the sign says. The first time it was for a dance place and the second was for ice cream. I chalked up the first instance to luck and the second time, I rewarded her with a treat. And, if dance and ice cream are going to be the first words she can read, I am okay with that 🙂

She takes her ice cream very seriously. No chocolate allowed and ample topping selection required.

Mom came to visit on Sunday and in between major thunderstorms, we scoped out some new furniture. Miss H found a chair that she wanted to switch with her bed. She is doing her best sleeping impression here.

Also, all the mirrors were a lot of fun. Next time I am in need of a place to burn energy, I might hit up the local furniture store. She did not want to leave.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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